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2013-08-22 23:18

Miss Jolie in her TOT Collar. Last go with PT for her torticollis is next month.. Nearly no 'tilt' left! #torticollis #totcollar #joliegrace #missingthem

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@jrh514 Now she doesn't. If she's sleepy or cranky she's not having that collar on bit! I plan to write a blog post about our experience and what worked for us throughout. The exercises and stretching is SO important. We did it very consistently before every single feeding- that way she was quick to get over the pain/annoyance because she was getting to eat! We still continue to stretch her 4-6 times a day.

@birlews we always use a rolled up blanket when she's in her carseat or laying to prevent her from reverting back to a tilt.. Stretching and exercise consistently is SO important and I think that's why we saw such improvement so quickly. Ill be posting on the blog soon all about it!

@masseya yep chicken pox :( Peter has a mild case. Zoey isn't showing signs yet but I'm sure it's a matter of time.

Thanks @masseya you too!! You seem like such a great mom!!! Lucky girls!!

Eliza has torticolis and starts PT next week. How long and how often did she have to wear the collar?

@ambreamcg they caught it early with Eliza! I guess we were about 2 months when we started PT, also.. at 8 months we ordered to collar after we have done everything with PT we could do, and she's 'cured' for the most part.. Just has the tilt still- and it's more of a habit we need to break which the collar is a good reminder. She wears it about 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes at a time.

Thanks for the info! I hope Eliza does as well as Jolie!!

@ambreamcg SURE! I did a blog post recently of our experience with PT and Jolie's Tort.. Link in profile 😊

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