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2012-06-01 23:57

"LIKE" this photo for your chance to win the brand new "ZEBRA BRAIDED!"

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That's honestly SUCH A COOL BRACELET

That is amazing

This one is awesome!!! It's so different from all of the other braided bracelets

@gizellemanga is the winner! Please send your shipping address to puravidabracelets@gmail.com with "ZEBRA BRAIDED" in the subject line! 

@puravidabracelets AHHHHHHHHHH! No way! :'D MY FIRST PURA VIDA BRACELET! ✊ Thank you thank you thank you! ❤

What's the white and beige braided bracelet called?

Do u where you can get the black one on the left at? Or do u make them?

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