Martyna Angell - @wholesomecook

2012-06-10 22:57
X-Pro II

Toast, butter, Vegemite + cheese. How do you like to have your Vegemite /Marmite?

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Do you live in Australia @wholesomecook

@summerballen yes, I do :-)

@mudguts2 it's the only way I have it, but I like @starloz and @marnieb ideas so might try!

Ok my dad is working in Australia for a couple of months and he told me about Vegemite... And I tried it 😝

@summerballen haha! When I first tried it I expected it to be sweet, so I piled it on as I would butter and jam. Blergh. I've learnt to just scrape on the right amount since then. And I only have it sometimes...

@wholesomecook yes small amounts is ok but too much is just blahhh lol but he told me everyone there eats it!!

@summerballen yeah, everyone would know about it and most people would eat it. :-) I guess it's our savoury version of PB&J or English marmalade... Where are you from?

@wholesomecook I gotcha! I am from Texas!

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